Be Prepared – WEICON Cleaners now Available

Back in January we announced our new partnership with WEICON GmbH, a strategic alliance reinforcing GlueOnline’s commitment to offering top-tier adhesive solutions and industrial consumables to its customers.

Using cleaning agents before applying any adhesive is a vital step in ensuring you get the strongest bond you can, without you could be faced with weaker bonds or even the need for rebonding in the future. With WEICON’s range of cleaners, you can prepare a variety of surfaces ready for an adhesive or even priming and painting.

Cleaning & Bonding

WEICON Activating Cleaner is a universal cleaning agent and bonding agent in one product. Specially developed for the pre-treatment of smooth surfaces, such as stainless steel, glass and plastics. The spray is used for the optimal preparation of non-absorbent surfaces. The cleaning and activation of non-porous substrates is carried out in only one work step. The spray can improve the adhesive force of the applied adhesive if necessary.

Removing Oily & Greasy Soiling

WEICON Cleaner Spray S removes oily and greasy soiling from all metals as well as from ceramics, glass and most plastics. It can, however, attack the surface of thermoplastics such as PVC, Plexiglas, polystyrene and single layers of paint. This cleaner evaporates quickly and, in contrast to conventional thinners, without leaving residues.

It can be used for cleaning and degreasing before priming and painting, for cleaning machine parts, or before other WEICON products are applied to surfaces where a greasy underground would impair their effect.

Clean Surfaces

WEICON Citrus Cleaner is an all-purpose cleaner based on alcohol and citrus peel extracts. Thanks to its high isopropanol content of over 75%, this cleaner makes use of its disinfectant effect and thus supports the overall cleaning and disinfection of surfaces. It cleans a wide variety of materials, such as metals and plastics, glass, ceramic as well as painted and coated surfaces.

Increasing Conductivity

WEICON Electro Contact Cleaner is a special cleaner for the fast and effective cleaning and degreasing of all kinds of soiled or corroded contacts. It was specially developed for the cleaning of electronic and mechanical components. The special formula with high-purity solvents removes oxide/sulphide layers, combustion residues and resinous or sooty soiling. Using this product also helps to reduce voltage loss and increase electric conductivity.

GlueOnline now have the WEICON Cleaners in stock, alongside other products including epoxy resins. To find out more about the cleaner range click here.