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Permabond® 101 Low Viscosity Superglue 50gm


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Permabond® 101 is a cyanoacrylate “Superglue” adhesive which has been developed as a very low viscosity, good penetration glue, primarily for the bonding of rubber material to enable the manufacture of ‘O’ rings, gaskets, etc. where a rapid cure is required and bond areas are generally small. 101 is also good for plastics and metals. It has a viscosity similar to water so has good penetrating or wicking characteristics. It can also be applied after assembly of the components where parts need to be accurately aligned and/or adjusted prior to bonding. The useable handling times are 2-5 seconds for rubber, 5-10 seconds for plastics and 3-5 seconds for metals.

101 was previously known as “C1”.

Adhesive Applications include:

  • Penetrating / Wicking Bonding
  • Maintenance Bonding
  • Plastics
  • Rubbers
  • O Rings


  • MIL-A-46050C Type II, Class 1
  • CID A-A-3097 Type II, Class 1

RoHS Compliant

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