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Permabond® 910 Suplerglue for Metals 50gm


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Permabond® 910 is the ‘original’ superglue. It is based on the methyl cyanoacrylate and it provides rapid bonds between a wide variety of materials and it is particularly suited to use on metallic components. 910 can be applied easily direct from the bottle, or via automated dispensing equipment where speed and/or precision is required.

The useable handling times are 10-15 seconds for rubber, plastics and metals.

Permabond 910 has anAerospace Approval No. BMS 5-36 from Boeing.

910 was previously known as “C3”.


  • MIL-A-46050C Type I, Class 2
  • CID A-A-3097 Type I, Class 2
  • Boeing BMS 5-36D Type I

RoHS Compliant

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