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Permabond® 943 Low Odour Superglue 20gm


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Permabond® 943 is a low odour, non-fogging, non-frosting cyanoacrylate “Superglue” adhesive with low viscosity, a thicker than water. The reduced odour improves worker comfort. Unsightly blooming adjacent to bondlines which is common with other cyanoacrylate glues on hot and humid days is eliminated. The elimination of blooming or fogging improves the production rate of acceptable parts, as well as improving their appearance. The adhesive is very stable and will provide optimum performance for one year when refrigerated. It can be handled and dispensed with standard equipment.

The useable handling times are <5 seconds for rubber, 5 - 10 seconds for plastics and 10 - 15 seconds for metals.

RoHS Compliant

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