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Permabond® A1046 Raid Cure Retainer 200ml


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Permabond® A1046 is a rapid curing, medium viscosity, high strength, toughened, anaerobic retainer adhesive designed to provide permanent locking and sealing of metal parts such as bearings, gears, pulleys and threaded components. A1046 provides high strength and excellent durability, even under the most difficult conditions. A1046 helps bonded joints to resist vibration, fatigue, fretting and corrosion. Ideal for bonding dissimilar metals which prevents galvanic corrosion. A1046 allows machining tolerances to be relaxed and mechanical locking devices to be eliminated. As a result, A1046 will help reduce production, assembly and processing costs.

This product is also known as “Perma-Lok” A1046.

Industry applications include:

  • Coal and Mineral Mining
  • Water and Sewage
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Pneumatics
  • Hydraulics

DVGW Approved

RoHS Compliant

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