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Permabond® LH197 Anaerobic Gasket Maker 75ml


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Permabond® LH197 “Gasketmaker” is an anaerobic flange sealing adhesive resin which can replace gaskets, or it can be used as a dressing for conventional pre-formed gaskets. It is a flowable paste, so it will conform to the shape of the flange. The free-flow consistency allows metal to metal contact of the flanges while filling the areas where contact exists because of surface irregularities. LH197 provides a uniform load distribution and eliminates for re-torqueing of fasteners because of stress relaxation of the flange bolts.

This product will provide an instant seal and depending on the gap and flange width, it can provide an ultimate seal up to 5000psi / 355 bar. Best suited for applications requiring high temperature resistance. Because of of the flexible nature of the cured polymer seal, LH197 has good vibration and shock resistance. It also provides easy assembly and easy disassembly using normal tools. LH197 will withstand temperatures from -55 to +150° C.nnLH197 Industry applications include for High Temperature Mechanical Engineering and Maintenance applications including: Automotive, Machinery, Pumps, Pneumatics, Hydraulics

RoHS Compliant

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