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Permabond® TA4246 / Initiator 46 Kit 65ml


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30 in stock (can be backordered)


Permabond® TA4246 is a 2 part, “no-mix” structural acrylic adhesive which cures rapidly at room temperature. It has exceptional resistance to peel, fatigue and impact loads on a wide variety of surfaces. It has excellent environmental durability and chemical resistance, thus making it ideal for applications which demand structural integrity.

The TA4246 “no mix” feature allows one part to be applied to one surface and the other part applied to the second surface. The T4246’s outstanding performance allows the adhesive to be used in place of rivets and/or welding. This provides for reduced assembly times, lighter structures and an improved aesthetic appearance.

Suitable for high temperatures from -40° to +120°C.

TA4246 65ml kit will be supplied with a bottle of Initiator No. 46.

Must be used with an initiator (usually Initiator No. 46).

RoHS Compliant

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