Stay Strong Whatever the Weather with Permabond’s NEW Water Resistant Cyanoacrylate Adhesive

Introducing a unique addition to the Permabond® range, 712, a cyanoacrylate adhesive with low viscosity and excellent water resistance. This adhesive successfully passed rigorous 85/85 automotive ageing tests and once cured, exhibits exceptional underwater resistance, performing well in hot and humid conditions.

Why Choose Permabond® 712 for Water Resistant Applications?

Water Resistance: This adhesive maintains 95% of its strength after 60°C after 100 hours on mild steel, after immersion in water.

Thermal Resistance: 712 also offers excellent thermal resistance. This substrate maintains 80% of its strength after 100 hours at 120°C on mild steel, withstanding continuous exposure to this temperature and even enduring brief periods at 150°C.

Humidity & Moisture: Boasting great resistance to humidity and moisture, 90% of this adhesive’s strength is retained during 85/85 testing (85% relative humidity / 85°C)

Strong Bonds: This cyanoacrylate adhesive forms strong bonds on various substrates including metals, plastics, and rubbers. As many applications are underwater, its adhesion to rubber is particularly advantageous, with pipe seals, gaskets, and valve seatings making use of this substrate.

Features and Benefits of Permabond® 712

This water-resistant cyanoacrylate adhesive boasts a rapid, room temperature cure, high bond strength, and easy dispensing – either by hand or used with automatic dispensing equipment, facilitating a faster production process. Once cured, this adhesive is clear, colourless, discreet, and solvent-free.

Other benefits of this adhesive include:

  • Good water and heat resistance
  • Fast cure (within seconds)
  • High strength
  • Bonds effectively to most surfaces
  • User-friendly application
  • Excellent chemical resistance to oils and automotive fluids

Potential Applications for Water Resistant Cyanoacrylate

Permabond® 712 is ideal for a range of applications, including:

  • Applications needing to withstand continuous water exposure
  • Rubber seals and gaskets for pipes
  • Rubber seatings in valves
  • Automotive interiors Sports equipment
  • Prosthetics and disability aids
  • Jewellery & embellishments
  • Household appliances (e.g., fridges and washing machines)

When using 712, it is important not to use primers or activators (e.g., Permabond® POP Primer or QFS16) before applying this adhesive, as they may interfere with its water-resistant properties.

If you’re looking for a cyanoacrylate that offers cost savings, performance improvements, and long-term durability for underwater or environmentally exposed bonded joints, look no further!

You can find Permabond® 712 on the GlueOnline website here.