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Permabond® MH052 Anaerobic Threaded Pipe Sealant 200ml


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Permabond® MH052 is an anaerobic adhesive which is ideal for the sealing of threaded joints in pipework. It is approved for use with gases for sealing pipe joints with at up to 60°C with working pressures up to 365psi / 26 bar for most gases and for gaseous oxygen at up to 140psi / 10 bar. This has proved exceptional in the medical industry, not only for sealing pipework connections but also for securing calibration spindles on flow regulators and flow meters.

MH052 seals against gas, water, LPG, hydrocarbons, oils and other chemicals. Unlike PTFE tape or hemp, Permabond MH052 will not shred nor creep, so it will provide a durable seal, and so helping to extend the life of the components.

Suitable applications include: Calibration Spindles, Fire Protection, Sprinkler Systems, Pneumatics, Hydraulics, Pipework.

MH052 helps lubricate threaded joints and iffers a low pressure instant seal. It offers a reliable cure on stainless steel and at low working temperatures, providing a seal to burst rating of the pipe.

MH052 has gas and water supply industry approvals from WRAS, BAM and DVGW.

RoHS Compliant

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